Manatee Jokes and Puns

Manatee Jokes and Puns

Here’s why I love manatee jokes and puns.

A couple years ago, my Mom joined Laura, the boys and me on a trip to Florida. On our drive from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, we stopped at Blue Spring State Park to see the wild manatees in the St. John’s River.

While walking along the river, I started making up manatee puns. Soon everyone was joining in, though they may not appreciate me sharing the credit here.

Here are some of my favorites.

Q: What do manatees like to drink?

A: Mana-tea.

Q: Where does a manatee sleep when he goes camping?

A: In a mana-teepee.

Q: Why was the manatee feeling lonely?

A: Because his friends were mana-teasing him.

Q: Why do manatees never work alone?

A: Because they prefer mana-teamwork.

Q: What’s a manatee’s favorite color?

A: Mana-teal.

Q: What’s a manatee’s favorite kind of wood?

A: Mana-teak.

A: What do manatees like to eat?

B: Mana-T-bone steak.

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