What Do You Want To Be?

Hey all!

I would love your help in improving the focus of my blog.

Are happiness, healthiness and productivity the right categories to include in an instruction manual for life?

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to comment on the post I’m reblogging today.

Thank you!


My Instruction Manual

What do you want to be?

Richer? Thinner? Happier? More popular? More successful? All of the above?

When I launched My Instruction Manual last month, I wanted to create a guidebook for being human. I knew this would help me and I hoped it would help others too. My initial vision was to focus my journey on three things: 1) becoming happier, 2) becoming healthier and 3) becoming more productive.

For this post, I want your help.

I want you to let me know if this is the right list. Does happier, healthier and more productive cover everything that matters? Or are there other important themes that are missing?

You can help shape this blog by scrolling down to the comments and letting me know what you think.

But first, here’s how I see the three categories:

  • “Happier” will include posts about growth, gratitude, stress, human relationships and mindfulness. Recent…

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  1. Happiness, health and productivity are really the biggest things, and with that done, I think you have covered 90% of the stuff. But another thing I think is important is compassion. Treating others the kind way, empathy, helping out others, especially the ones we disagree with, should be included. But don’t worry , you are doing great. And remember, as you said “Growth not perfection”!

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