Seven Things I’m Grateful for Today

Today marks three months since my kidney transplant and three months since I got my second chance at life.

It’s a good day to take stock of the things I’m grateful for.

1. I’m grateful for Laura. It was twenty years ago this month that we got engaged and there’s still no one in the world I would rather spend time with. Laura is funny, generous, beautiful and wise. She’s also exhausted. Today was supposed to be the day that I was going to be able to start pitching in with all the heavy lifting for my son Bryson. But my doctor recently advised me to wait four more weeks. This means another month where all the burden will fall on Laura. Thank you wifey!

2. I’m grateful for my boys. Every day Connor and Bryson amaze me as they continue to grow and develop in wonderful ways. I’m so proud of them both and cherish every moment we have together.

3. I’m grateful for Stephanie. My little sister celebrates her birthday this month. She’s the one who gave me this new kidney and a new lease on life. Like me, she’s also a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and it’s fun to have someone with which to celebrate and commiserate.

4. I’m grateful for my mom and Laura’s parents. My dad died three years ago, a constant reminder of the terrible truth that parents don’t live forever. Every day we have with them is a gift.

5. I’m grateful for the My Instruction Manual community. Just six weeks old, this blog has been successful beyond my wildest dreams.  The best part is the feedback I get through comments, emails and Facebook messages about the positive impact the blog is having on other people’s lives. (Special thanks to the most frequent commenters Tanushka, Sara, Ipuna, Roda, Pamela and Bella!).


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6. I’m grateful for a gig. My business was on hold for several months when I was too sick to work before the transplant. I’m in the process of refocusing the business to align more closely with my new life and the kinds of things I write about in My Instruction Manual. In the meantime, I was asked to write a short book for another publisher. It’s good to have a project with income I can count on.

7. I’m grateful for health and happiness. I launched this blog to chronicle my journey to be happier and healthier. And I can honestly say that I feel happier today than I ever remember feeling as an adult. I’m healthy too. It’s mostly the new kidney, but it’s also that I’m taking steps to eat better and exercise more. I’ve had a minor setback. I was overdoing it on exercise so I’ve had to slow down a bit. This means I won’t achieve my goal of running 5 kilometers by today. But I’m grateful I should soon get that chance.

And as always, I’m grateful for sharks.

What about you? What are you grateful for today?


    • Those are important things to be grateful for Rebecca. Sometimes it’s easy to take shelter, food and clothing for granted, especially for those of us who have never been homeless or hungry.

  1. Thank you Keith for reminding us of all we have to be grateful for. These gifts get lost sometimes in everyday life. Your struggle, your dad’s passing, your sister’s gift, our amazing children and grandchildren and your joining our family. We do have much to be grateful for and sometimes we need to be reminded. Thank you. Jim and Kathy

  2. I’m fairly new here, but really glad to have joined you blogging community. Despite what was likely an arduous ordeal (kidney transplant), it’s very inspirational to see your focus on the positive, and a wonderful list of things to be grateful for. Thank you.

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