Maybe I’m Not Too Old to Make New Friends

No new post today, so I wanted to re-share something I first published in early June. Looking forward to you hearing from you in the comments!

My Instruction Manual

I’m not a very good friend.

I care deeply about the people in my life and want to stay close with them. But maintaining friendships takes work, and I’ve been lazy. The friendships I do have are largely thanks to the other person making the effort.

As part of My Instruction Manual, I’ve been thinking about the people who are important to me, and I’m slowly starting to put in the required work.

But what about making new friends?

I read in Gretchen Rubin‘s The Happiness Project (my review here) that one of her happiness resolutions was to make three new friends in a month.

THREE new friends? In a MONTH?

Nothing she tried in her year of happiness experiments seemed more daunting to me than the idea of making new friends. If I couldn’t be bothered to maintain existing friendships, how could I even consider…

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  1. As the ultimate Extrovert™, I don’t really have any problems with making new friends. But I have so so so many of them, people I’ve promised to hang out with, I can’t really keep up and that is why my actual friends are just a handful. But to you sir, bravo and keep it up.

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    • I’m an introvert although I’m not far from the center according to Myers Briggs testing. I like spending time with people but like most introverts, too much can be exhausting. I need time by myself to recharge!

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  2. You are never too old to make new friends. I’m so glad that you stepped outside of your comfort zone. As an extreme extrovert I appreciate your point of you having a situation. I often forget that it is hard for people to feel comfortable in new situations. Thank you for sharing.

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