#SundayFunday: The Practical Joke Edition

I love practical jokes. I love pranking people; I love watching pranks; I even appreciate being on the receiving end of a high quality prank.

On Sundays I take a break from writing about happiness, health and productivity to share something more fun. So in today’s #SundayFunday post, I’m sharing some of my favorite pranks.


Toy Story 3 Prank

Some teens reedited this film to give it a very un-Disney ending. This video shows what happened when they show the remixed version to their family.

Stuffed skunk

One stuffed skunk; so many opportunities.

Best Man Speech Goes Horribly Wrong

The day I got home from the hospital after my transplant surgery, I got into bed and turned on the television. I discovered a show I hadn’t seen before: Impractical Jokers. The show made me laugh so hard it hurt my incision. So I kept having to turn the channel to something more sober so the pain would go away before turning back and laughing more. Some of the humor is cringe-worthy, but I know I’m going to laugh a lot every time I turn on this show.

Do you like practical jokes? Scroll down and share your favorites in the comments below.


  1. I would kill my family if they pulled a toy story move on me like that! But I think I would be angriest only because I didn’t think to do it first. That was painfully bad and deliciously epic! Loooved it!

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