What We Want To Be

Based on your input, I’m making some improvements to the topics I write about in My Instruction Manual.

On Facebook and in a recent post, I asked for your input on whether my three proposed themes (happiness, healthiness and productivity) were the right areas of focus for an instruction manual on how to live life right.

I got lots of feedback! People generally thought I had it right, but there were two primary areas of feedback.

First, some people said the category of “productivity” seemed to imply squeezing even more into their already busy days. This feedback made a lot of sense to me. What I’m really getting at with productivity is two things: Becoming more organized and achieving our goals. I’ve broken these into two different categories of “organized” and “inspired.”

Second, people thought there was a gap in the area of how we connect with others, including themes like kindness, compassion and parenting. I agree and have added the category “connected.”

So what do we want to be? Happy, healthy, connected, organized, inspired and fun.

Here are the new topic categories and what’s included in each one:

Healthy. Posts about healthy eating, exercise and sleep.

Click here to see posts about being healthy.

Happy. Posts about gratitude, mindfulness and other secrets to happiness.

Click here to see posts about being happy.

Connected. Posts about how we interact with others in all relationships from parenting to managing people in the workplace. Posts about kindness, compassion and patience.

Click here to see posts about being connected.

Organized. Posts about themes like time management, decluttering, bullet journals and personal finance.

Click here to see posts about being organized.

Inspired. These are posts about themes including setting and achieving our goals, identifying our purpose, personal growth, resolutions and inspirational quotes.

Click here to see posts about being inspired.

Fun. These are off-topic #SundayFunday posts.

Click here to see all #SundayFunday posts.

My Instruction Manual. This category is for posts like this one, focusing on the blog itself.

Click here to see posts about My Instruction Manual.

So what do you think? Do I have it right now?


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