Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey that is life…

Tucked in a box of papers somewhere in my house is a journal I wrote more than 20 years ago when I was an undergrad. And in that journal are the life lessons I had learned by 20.

I forget most of them now, but there’s one that’s always stuck with me: Enjoy the Journey.

And although I still appreciate the essential truth in that simple statement, it remains hard to follow.

So today I remind myself:

Enjoy the journey that is life. Live not for destinations, for those are but fleeting seconds in the long path that is everything. Instead, live for each discovery along the way. Savor the ups and downs, for without the sorrows there can be no joys. Live in today; live in the moment. Because no matter who we are, the final destination for each and every one of us is death. And there’s nothing like that final goal to remind us to live, to embrace each moment, to enjoy the journey.



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  2. Everybody needs a good reminder. …true, without sorrow there can be no joy! Nice piece. šŸ˜Š God bless you

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