July Highlights and Lowlights

The other day, Connor told me he was proud of me for how well My Instruction Manual is doing. Hearing that from my teenage son was the best feeling in the world.

I’m proud too! It’s been two months since I launched this blog, and today I take a look at some of the highlights and lowlights from month two.

July highlights

  1. I launched a Facebook page for My Instruction Manual. If you haven’t already liked it, please click here to join the community!
  2. Our community grew! Almost every post is generating great conversation in the comments. And we gained 108 new followers on WordPress! The total is now 472 but that includes 311 that WordPress transferred over from my previous blog.
  3. Based on your feedback, I refocused the topics I write about in My Instruction Manual. You can read more about that here.

Most read posts

  1. 18 Life Lessons from 18 18-year-olds. The month’s most read-post was also my favorite to research because I got to enjoy so much wisdom from all these young adults.
  2. Five Ways to Beat Procrastination Today. I wrote this post by request and I’m glad I did. The feedback has been great!
  3. Don’t Wait for a Life-Changing Moment to Change Your Life. I waited until I got a second chance at life after my kidney transplant to decide I wanted to be happier and healthier. But you don’t need to wait for a life-changing moment.
  4. Five Things Life is Like. We’re all drawn to posts with numbers; this month bears that out with three of the top 5 posts being lists.
  5. Will Eating Oranges Make You Orange? We all know that eating oranges won’t make us orange. But so many of us still believe that eating fatty food makes us fat and that eating foods that are high in cholesterol raises our cholesterol.

Least Read Post

The lest-read post from July was my book review of 10% Happier, a great book about mindfulness meditation.

Most Liked & Discussed

The July post that received the most likes was Don’t Wait for a Life-Changing Moment to Change Your Life (29). Five Ways to Beat Procrastination Today had the most comments (30).

Readership by Country

The top five countries in July were Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Singapore. This month 43 per cent of readers came from my home country of Canada, down from 61 per cent last month.

What about you? How did you enjoy the second month of My Instruction Manual. What posts would you like to see in month three?



  1. I feel like you are a little less active these days, but that maybe because you are working on things in the real world! (Also most of the views for procastination post me reading it over and over and over.)

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