Three Things Happy People Do

There’s no such thing as a cheerful disposition.

Happiness takes work. It’s not something we aspire to be. It’s something we do.

Happiness is an action.

Happy people understand this. They know that when they take the right steps to be happy, they feel happier.

Here are three steps happy people use to boost their happiness.

1. Be Grateful

Happy people know that one of the best way to fend off sadness, jealousy, anger and resentment is to be grateful. Studies show that thinking about or expressing gratitude has numerous benefits including improving physical and mental health, improving self-esteem and improving sleep.

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2. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation sounds complicated. It isn’t. All that’s needed is a few minutes a day and a quiet space. Mindfulness meditation is about training your mind to ignore the noises in your head that make it so difficult to live in the present moment.

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3. Stop Complaining

Complaining rarely makes things better and usually makes things worse. Complaining builds up bad things in our minds and re-wires our brains to seek out more things to be unhappy about. Instead, we need to change our situation by advocating. And when we can’t our situation, we need to change our attitude instead.

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What about you? What actions do you take to boost your own happiness?


  1. This is such an important post! I suffer from PTSD and CPTSD and have to work incredibly hard for a good quality of life. People have to take responsibility for their lives and where it is and is going! Being happy isn’t a magic state of being that only happens to blessed people. Your life is what you make it and you choose to be happy or not. I very much look forward to your future posts!

  2. I’m realising more and more sometimes life flows but it’s when it needs the hard work applied that flow is so much harder to get going again. I wonder what you think of this.
    Thanks for the blogpost.

  3. At the start of your piece you say that happiness takes work, that it’s something to do. I agree with you on this but do you know sometimes when you aren’t so aware of the work, when it’s less a conscious effort, when life seems to flow naturally into a state of continued happiness. Even the happiest of people can be caught out by unexpected events coming into their lives which can interrupt that flow. The right steps previously taken toward happiness are no longer applicable and so the flow is harder to get going again, require more conscious effort and will.

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