When Your Heart Walks Away

Back when my wife Laura was pregnant with our first child, a friend with kids told her what to expect in becoming a parent: “It’s like your heart leaves your body and learns to walk away from you.”

These words resonate with me today. Our first child, now 13, left this morning for overnight camp for the first time.

And though he’s a teenager — which by definition means he’s constitutionally required to make his parents crazy several times a day — I already miss Connor terribly.

Like his younger brother Bryson, Connor is unique and delightful. His personality is as big as his curls; he’s funny and creative and generous.

Before Connor was born, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone as much as Laura. But it turns out there are different kinds of love. And the love a parent has for a child burns at least as intensely as the love for a romantic partner.

And it hurts just as much when they leave.




  1. Wow – Connor went to overnight camp. Am sure he will have a wonderful time! Mark and I never sent Emma and Henry. Too hard to say good-bye. Bad parents. Loved your post. Say hi to that wonderful co-parent of yours for me.

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