The 10 Best Television Dramas

Last night marked the series finale of Orphan Black, one of my favorite television dramas of all time.

Today, I reblog an earlier #SundayFunday post where I rank my picks for the Top 10 TV dramas.

Orphan Black made it.

I’d love your thoughts on my list. What did I get wrong? What are your favorite shows?

My Instruction Manual

Once a week I deviate from my usual focus on becoming happier, healthier and more productive to write about something different. Today I rank my picks for the top television dramas.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

My Top 10

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the greatest television series ever made. Period. No show is perfect, but the second half of the final season is as close to flawless as television gets.

2. Game of Thrones

I fell in love with the TV series first, which drew me to the books. Now I love the books even more and I’m in the unfortunate position of comparing the two. This inevitably highlights the flaws in the show. Some seasons are better than others, but the first 15 minutes of 2016’s season finale just might be the best television you will ever watch.

3. The Wire


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