Has your job changed who you are?

Hey friends!

Today I’m reblogging one of my first posts, which most of you probably haven’t seen yet.

Remember to click through to the original post and let me know how your own career path has impacted your happiness!


My Instruction Manual

It was 10 years ago this month that I left my steady job at The Globe and Mail to try something new. As the newspaper’s marketing reporter, I had been writing a lot about the infancy of social media and how brands were using tools like YouTube, blogs and MySpace.

I had the chance to join a mid-sized public relations company to launch a social media practice and I jumped on it.

My exit couldn’t have been better timed. In 2007, nobody could have predicted the implosion that was about to rock the worldwide newspaper industry.

But I was also happy to be leaving a career that had changed me more I anticipated when I’d started reporting a decade earlier.

My personality had always been rational, and I never accepted anything without proof. But I had allowed journalism to harden me. It had become more difficult for me to see…

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