My First Decade on Twitter

Ten years ago this week I posted my first tweet. I was working as the social media director at a public relations agency. I was an “expert” in social media tools like blogs, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube and even MySpace.

But Twitter was something new.

On Sundays I take a break from writing about my journey to be happy, healthy, connected, organized and inspired to write something fun. In today’s #SundayFunday post, I look back to my first months on Twitter.

My first tweet was cringe-worthy, partly because of the grammatical error (I wrote “the Jay’s game” instead of “the Jays game”).


It look me a while to figure out Twitter. Four months after I joined the social network, I included “master Twitter” in a list of my social media new year’s resolutions for 2008.

I wrote:

I tried Twitter several months ago, but didn’t get much out of it. But everybody is still talking about it (everybody, at least, in the social media marketing bubble). Maybe I wasn’t using it right. Used properly, they say, it’s more than a “What am I doing tool” and more of a “What am I thinking” tool with great potential for business networking and personal branding. Jaiku is said to be the better microblogging tool, but Twitter is where the people are, and in this world, the size of the social graph is most of what counts.

I stuck to that resolution and by the end of 2008 I was hooked. Twitter remains my favorite social network today.

What about you? What’s your favorite social network?


  1. I don’t see the relevance of Twitter. I “tweet” but don’t look pay attention to other tweets. I only tweet because the hashtag looks cool!

    I think my favourite social media platform is LinkedIn. Rarely go a day without scrolling through my home page and looking at profiles!

  2. I thought Twitter was a waste of time at first. I signed up but never used it for several years. Lately, I have been more interested in thought leaders and have been getting inspired by their ideas. It’s often hard to find inspiring people around you, but they are all over Twitter. It’s a good way to feel more connected to them. It has become my favorite social media tool as well. But I haven’t tweeted much and don’t have any real followers. I just like to feel like I am in the know and have smart people as “Twitter friends”.

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