Eclipsing Divisions

I’m not American, but ever since the 2016 U.S. election I’ve been obsessed with the gong show that is American politics.

From my home in Toronto, Canada, I check in on the latest developments through 24-hour news channels. Most days, it feels like I’m watching a nation divided to its core; separated into two groups with completely different values and beliefs.

I watch because I’m worried for the human race.

If such division can happen in one of the most stable, most democratic countries in the world — the nation that declared all men “created equal” and expanded that definition over centuries — then perhaps nowhere is immune.

But this week something wonderful happened. For a few hours, the United States was united once more, transfixed on the total eclipse that traveled across the continent.

For a brief time, there was no division, no two sides, only the united voice of a nation in awe, reminded of how small we are in our own solar system, let alone this great universe.


  1. It was wonderful, Keith, and it did bring people together to experience awe and wonder . . . not to mention sharing—there weren’t enough eclipse glasses to go around, which turned out to be a good thing! You realize, of course, that the American president (Gong Show host, you might say) has taken credit for the eclipse—not the part where the sun was obscured, that’s undoubtedly Obama’s fault (or Hillary’s)—but for making the sun whole again.
    Also, in case you missed it, our news channels widely circulated a picture of trump squinting directly into the eclipse without any eye protection. One of the completely insane conservative commentators said it was “the most impressive thing any president has ever done.” Yeah, that whole freeing the slaves thing Lincoln did certainly falls into perspective.
    So sorry to hear that our political mayhem is disrupting lives—and sleep—elsewhere. Believe me, we’re eager to see him go and to repair the damage.
    (After this comment, you may want to rethink inviting me to join your blogging group, but I look forward to hearing from you and left directions to my contact links on your comment on my blog). Thanks for letting me ramble, Keith!

    • Thanks for the comment Donna! What’s amazing to me is how many people seem to stand by Trump no matter what he does. We had a mayor like that in Toronto a few years ago. There were news reports that he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine. But it didn’t phase his fans at all; they just dug in harder with their support.

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