The Big Secret to Happiness with Dr. Robert Puff

Dr. Robert Puff lets me in on the big secret to happiness in episode 3 of the My Instruction Manual Podcast. I also chat with Sarah Warsi about when to give up on our dreams and get to know our nutrition contributor Michelle Jaelin.

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Episode 3 Show Notes

[0:00] Welcome and introduction

[0:52] Featured interview with Robert Puff

Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist and creator of Happiness Podcast, the world’s most popular health podcast. He is author of 17 books including Finding our Happiness Flow.

  • Describes himself as an honest seeker. [1:45]
  • When he was just 14 years old, Robert Puff left his Iowa home with $70, a wind jacket and a Bible, to go on a journey of self-discovery. [3:03]
  • We all have a set point for happiness [5:53]
  • Robert Puff on meditation, which he says is the “number one thing we can do to improve our lives.” [12:08]
  • Robert Puff on the big secret to Happiness [15:37]

[17:06] Robert Puff’s instruction manual.

1. What are the good habits you follow every day to make sure you stay happy and healthy?

  • “I meditate, I do yoga and exercise, I eat well and I stay in the present moment.”

2. What personal development book would you recommend for our listeners?

3. What’s your favorite personal mantra or inspirational quote?

  • “All is well”

4. What’s your one guilty pleasure?

  • Chocolate. “That is my nemesis”

5. Nobody lives forever. When your time comes, how do you want to be remembered?

  • As someone who loved well. Loved self, family and everyone.

[21:05] Where can people find you? 

[22:16] Interview with Sarah Warsi: When Should We Give Up On Our Dreams?

I chat with Sarah about her recent blog post: Reflect, Reminisce But Don’t Regret, in which she writes:

I always find myself wondering, what if? What if I had made a different choice back then? What if I had been more assertive and tried harder to make a career in broadcast tv? What if I had been less afraid to really go for something I had felt pretty strongly about at the time?

Find more of Sarah:

[29:45] Regular Nutrition Contributor Michelle Jaelin

I get to know Michelle, who will be our regular contributor on nutrition. Michelle has degrees in both fine arts and nutrition, so I’m curious to find out how she bridges the two in her work.

Find more of Michelle [34:30]

[34:56] Closing words

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