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Today I’m Grateful

Today I’m grateful.

Today I’m grateful that seven months ago I got a second chance at life when my sister Stephanie donated one of her kidneys to me.

I’m grateful that I don’t need to be perfect. It’s okay that I’m writing my monthly gratitude post four days after my seven-month kidneyversary. (I aim for the 11th of each month.)

I’m grateful that even though my to-do list is long, there are few things I really need to do today. One is to take care of myself by exercising, eating well and meditating. The other is to be good to my family.

I’m grateful that I discovered mindfulness meditation and that it is helping me to live in the moment.


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Gratitude improves health, self-confidence, relationship and sleep. But sometimes we all need a little help!

I’m grateful that we’re getting a new puppy next week, even though I was the one resisting for months when my wife and kids really wanted one.

Check him out!

Quincy the Goodlendoodle puppy
Quincy the Goodlendoodle puppy.

I’m grateful that even though the world seems crazy and violent and mean, most people are more good than bad.

I’m grateful that I was able to follow through on getting my new podcast off the ground. (Check out the preview episode here.)

I’m grateful that my podcast gives me an excuse to speak with amazing and inspiring people such as Jenny Blake, Luminita D. Saviuc and Kurek Ashley.

I’m grateful that on Monday, I got over 1,000 unique visitors on this website for the first time.

I’m grateful that I’m finished a project that was creating unnecessary stress.

I’m grateful for my strong, inspiring wife Laura, my brilliant, generous son Connor and my exuberant, delightful son Bryson.

I’m grateful for food and that curses sometimes become blessings.

I’m grateful for my sister Stephanie who saved my life.

And today I’m grateful for sharks.


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