Kidney Transplant | Stephanie McArthur | My Instruction Manual

A Kidney Transplant Story with Stephanie McArthur

Stephanie McArthur shares her experience of donating a kidney with podcast host Keith McArthur, who also happens to be her brother and recipient of the very same kidney. And nutrition contributor Michelle Jaelin talks about how to stay healthy when eating at restaurants.

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Episode 26 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[00:58] Featured interview with Stephanie McArthur

Stephanie McArthur is my hero. One year ago, she gave me a second chance at life by donating a kidney to me. She joins me in this episode to talk about her kidney transplant journey.

In this conversation, Keith and Stephanie discuss:

  • First recollections of Keith’s kidney disease [1:38]
  • The death of their father and how that confirmed Stephanie’s willingness to donate a kidney to Keith if it ever came to that [3:20]
  • Another sibling gets tested first [5:14]
  • What questions did Stephanie have when she was going through testing process? [7:08]
  • Stephanie and Keith discuss fear ahead of the surgery [13:02]
  • Yes, there was pain… [15:46]
  • … and nerve damage [18:50]
  • The recovery period after the hospital [21:35]
  • What living donors need to be aware of [22:55]
  • How the transplant changed our lives [24:09]

[25:49] Stephanie’s Instruction Manual

1. What are the habits you maintain every day to stay happy and healthy? [26:00]

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat mostly whole foods
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Move your body

 2. What personal development book do you recommend? [26:49]

3. Favorite personal mantra / inspirational quote [28:22] 

  • “I may be lying in the gutter, but I’m looking at the stars.”
    • Similar to the following quote attributed to Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.”

4. What’s your one guilty pleasure? [28:52]

  • Sleeping In

5. When your time comes, how do you want to be remembered? [30:07] 

  • “I just want the people who I shared this journey with to remember the good things that we’ve done together, and the times that we laughed, and the joy that we had, and I hope that having known me, even if I’m gone, was something positi ve for them, and helped them to move forward in their own journey, in a better way.”

[31:00] Where to find Stephanie

  • “They can’t”

[31:49] Nutrition contributor Michelle Jaelin on eating healthy at restaurants

Michelle Jaelin is both a trained artist and a Registered Dietitian who is known as The NutritionArtist. She appears regularly as in newspapers, magazines and on television as an expert in healthy eating.

In this conversation, Keith and Michelle discuss:

[36:02] Closing words

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