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How Women Rise with Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen, author of How Women Rise, shares the 12 habits that may be holding you back from your next raise, promotion or job. And host Keith McArthur speaks with mindfulness contributor Joelle Anderson about the best mindfulness and meditation books.

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Episode 27 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[00:58] Featured interview with Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen is author of How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back From Your Next Raise, Promotion or Job. Sally is one of the world’s leading women’s leadership experts. She has developed and delivered leadership programs around the world for 30 years.

In this conversation, Keith and Sally discuss:

  • Why women still feel that they need to change if they’re going to succeed in the workplace [1:58]
  • How much less patriarchal are workplaces than they were 30 years ago? [3:15]
  • How the bad habits that hold women back in the workplace are different from those that hold men back [5:01]
  • Sally says these differences apply to women of all ages [7:01]
  • Habit 7: The perfection Trap [8:53]
  • Habit 8: The Disease to Please [10:55]
  • Even as a man, Keith identifies with many of these habits [12:12]
  • Habit 12: Letting Your Radar Distract You  [14:07]
  • Habit 5: Failing to Enlist Allies from Day One [20:17]
  • Habit 2: Expecting Others to Spontaneously Notice and Reward Your Contributions [22:51]
  • How to get started in addressing the habits holding you back [25:39]

[27:33] Sally’s Instruction Manual

1. What are the habits you maintain every day to stay happy and healthy? [27:53]

  • Start the day with 20 minutes of pilates, followed by reflecting on gratitude

 2. What personal development book do you recommend? [28:51]

3. Favorite personal mantra / inspirational quote [39.33] 

  • “Join the fray with vigor.” Tom Peters

4. What’s your one guilty pleasure? [30:26]

  • Long conversations with her dog when out for walks

5. When your time comes, how do you want to be remembered? [31:09]

  • As someone who helped women recognize, articulate and act on their greatest strengths.

[31:47] Where to find Sally

[33:01] Mindfulness contributor Joelle Anderson on Minfulness books.

Joelle Anderson is a therapist specializing in mindfulness meditation and creator and host of the Kernel of Wisdom YouTube channel.

In this conversation, Keith and Joelle discuss and recommend the following books:

[39:38] Closing words

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