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Get a Gold Medal Mindset with Dr. Jason Richardson

World champion athlete Jason Richardson talks about what it means to have a gold medal mindset. Now a psychologist, Jason teaches people how to live better lives as an author, podcaster, speaker and coach. And host Keith McArthur speaks with fitness contributor Kathleen Trotter about why you need to get in shape before you take up running.

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Episode 29 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[00:59] Featured interview with Jason Richardson

Twenty years ago, Jason Richardson was one of the world’s top BMX racers. Now a psychologist, he teaches people to live better lives. Jason is the author of It’s All BS: We’re all Wrong and You’re All Right and host of the Gold Medal Mindset podcast. Jason lives in California where he works as a sports and business psychologist and coach.

In this conversation, Keith and Jason discuss:

  • Jason’s 15-year run as a world champion athlete  [1:20]
  • What being a world-class athlete taught Jason about how to succeed in life [8:40]
  • The Gold Medal Mindset [12:06]
  • Raising our kids to focus on being the best at one things vs. trying many different things [15:05]
  • Jason’s book It’s all BS [19:30]

[20:51] Jason Richardson’s Instruction Manual

1. What are the habits you maintain every day to stay happy and healthy? [21:00]

  • Gets up early to meditate five days a week
  • Rides his bike
  • Works on something he’s obsessed about

 2. What personal development book do you recommend? [23:16]

3. Favorite personal mantra / inspirational quote [25:00] 

  • The more I do, the more I can do

4. What’s your one guilty pleasure? [27:08]

  • TV in bed
  • Mexican food

5. When your time comes, how do you want to be remembered? [28:10]

  • “He did what he thought was right, anyway.”

[31:12] Where to find Jason

[32:35] Fitness contributor Kathleen Trotter on Training to Run

Kathleen Trotter is author of Finding Your Fit: A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit

In this conversation, Keith and Kathleen discuss:

[43:00] Closing words

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