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I’m Grateful for Moms

Today, I’m grateful for moms.

Thirteen months ago, I got a second chance at life when my little sister donated a kidney to me. I’ve got so much to be grateful for, so once a month, I take time to identify and reflect on my blessings.

During this Mother’s Day month, I am grateful for moms, especially the three most important moms in my life.

They are my own mother, the mother of my children, and my mother-in-law.

While each is unique, there is one quality they all share: A kind toughness.

All three will do anything for their children, and other people they love. But they also have a toughness that allows them to achieve seemingly impossible things that mere mortals (like me) could not.

My Mom

I am grateful for my own mother, Margaret Ann McArthur (né Donald).

She devoted her work life to helping others in health care, first as a practicing nurse, and later in infection control where she stopped the spread of infections through the hospital. And she devoted the rest of her time to helping her family. She was always there for her three children, and took care of my dad when he was dying of cancer. And to this day, she cannot resist the call to help one of her four grandchildren.

And of course, I’m grateful that she raised her children to take care of each other so both my sisters were ready and willing to save my life by donating a kidney.

The Mom of My Children

There are dozens of reasons why I won the spousal lottery when I married Laura. One is that she is the such an incredible mother.

Parenting is not easy for us. Our youngest son Bryson has severe developmental challenges. He is non-verbal, needs a wheelchair to get around, and has violent seizures. And our other son is a teenager. (Sorry Connor. Obligatory teenager joke).

But with patience, love and grace, Laura has taken an incredibly difficult situation and made it look easy. It is in large part because of her that our boys are growing into such amazing young men.  And when I struggle as a parent, Laura is there to kindly help me get back on track.

My Mother-in-Law

From the moment I first met Kathleen Williams (né Fitzgerald), she welcomed me into her home and treated me like one of her own children.

I am so grateful to have two such loving and accepting families, and that Laura’s parents are so wonderful to Connor and Bryson.

And I’m especially grateful that Jim and Kathy raised Laura to be such an incredible woman (and Mom!)

Thanks Mom! Thanks Laura! Thanks Mom W! I’m so grateful for you and love you all so much.

What about you? Are you grateful for moms? What else are you grateful for today?

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