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Announcing My Next Book: Resolutions

The next book in the My Instruction Manual series will be all about resolutions.

Right now, I’m busy learning as much as I can about why some resolutions succeed and others fail.

As part of my research, I’ve decided to set three resolutions for myself. One thing I’ve learned: Resolutions don’t need to start on Jan. 1. In fact, there are good arguments about why it’s better not to start on that date.

So here are my “New Year’s” resolutions for the year beginning May 18, 2018.

Resolution #1: Finish the first draft of my Resolutions book by Aug. 3.

Even though I believe resolutions don’t have to start on New Year’s Day, I’m well aware that this is the day most people choose to kick off their resolutions. To be able to take advantage of the “resolution season” for PR and sales, it’s critical that my book come out early in the fall. I’m self-publishing this book, which means my turnaround times can be faster, but I still need to get this draft done by early August.

Resolution #2: Apply sunscreen every day

There’s pretty clear evidence that applying sunscreen every day not only delays the aging process but also reduces your risk of skin cancer. For transplant recipients like me, this is especially important. First, I’m on prophylactic antibiotics for life that have a side-effect of making my skin much more vulnerable to ultra-violent light. Second, because of my lowered immune system, my body isn’t able to do a great job of fighting off skin cancers. (I take a bunch of drugs that lower my immunity so my body won’t reject the new kidney).

Resolution #3: Get my weight down to 205 pounds by Aug. 3

For most of the past 25 years, my weight has fluctuated between abut 215 and 235 pounds. But I left the hospital after my transplant weighing 210 pounds. Over the last year, my weight has bounced between 210 and 215, but over the past few weeks it’s been tilting above 215. I want to get my weight down to 205 pounds by the time I’m finished the first draft of my book.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing more about my upcoming book and what I’m learning about resolutions. And, because I’ve learned that being public about resolutions — and the accountability that comes with that — boosts success, I will be sharing my progress here.

Can I include you in my book?

I’m looking to profile people who have been successful at setting and keeping resolutions. These don’t need to be New Year’s Resolutions; in fact you don’t even need to think of them as resolutions. Rather, I’m looking to interview people who have set out to make huge changes in their lives — in areas like health, finance, relationships and careers — and been successful at them. If you’re game, please let me know in the comments or send me an email at


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