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Summer Podcast Schedule

Just a quick note this week to let you know that the My Instruction Manual podcast will be publishing every two weeks  over the summer.

I’ll be back with a full episode next week.

You can listen to this week’s audio note about the summer schedule here:

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Why Bi-Weekly?

Here’s why I’m temporarily cutting back from weekly episodes.

I am now deep into writing my next book, which is all about Resolutions: How to set them, how to plan for them and how to keep them. As part of the book research, I’ve set some resolutions for myself. And one is to get my first draft of the book done by August 3.

In order to do this, and still spend some quality time with my kids while they’re off over the summer, I’ve decided I need to temporarily cut back on the time I spend each week on the podcast.

At first I thought I would take the summer off from podcasting completely and call this the end of season 1. Then I thought about doing what some podcasters do, and replay their most popular episodes during a summer hiatus.

But I decided the best way to give myself the time I need and still be able to connect with you on a regular basis is to put out a new episode every two weeks.

The plan is to return to weekly episodes after Labor Day. Tune in next Monday, July 2 for a full episode.

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