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How To Lose a Bunch of Weight

Is your resolution to lose some weight in the new year? Resolutions related to fitness and weight loss are the most commonly set. In this episode, we continue our series on winning resolutions with an interview with Brian Tao. He set a resolution one year ago to lose enough weight to go from obese to healthy. Brian shares the steps he’s taking to achieve his resolution, how he still eats whatever he wants, and why he weighs himself several times each day.

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Episode 52 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[2:35] Featured interview with Brian Tao

Brian Tao is a portrait photographer who set a goal to go from obese to healthy on the body mass index.

In this conversation, Keith and Brian discuss:

  • Why Brian decided he wanted to make losing weight a priority [3:50]
  •  Calories in vs. calories out [7:00]
  • What changes did Brian make to his diet?  [11:25]
  • Why Brian decided to weigh himself several times a day [15:45]
  • Weight gains at Chinese New Year’s [23:00]

[33:00] Closing words

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