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Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Kill Your Dreams

If you’re going to achieve your biggest goals and wildest dreams, you need to believe in them. And you need to believe in yourself. But we all have an inner critic that tries to sabotage our success. In this episode, author and life coach Andrea Owen joins us to talk about how to prevent our inner critic from killing our dreams. And author and fitness trainer Kathleen Trotter joins us to talk about whether rest days as part of a fitness routine are a bad idea or a good excuse.


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Episode 56 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[5:10] Featured interview with Andrea Owen

Andrea is author of How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t: 14 Habits that Are Holding You Back from Happiness. She is a life coach based on North Carolina and hosts the Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast. She first appeared on the My Instruction Manual podcast in episode 13.

In this conversation, Keith and Andrea discuss:

  • Her book Stop Feeling Like Shit has been translated into 16 languages [5:10]
  • Why Andrea sets new goals   in the Spring [8:00]
  • What is your inner critic? [9:10]
  • How sexism and racism feed the inner critic [11:30]
  • How our inner critic kills our biggest goals and wildest dreams [14:15]
  • Andrea’s three-steps for managing the inner critic. [17:15]
    • Andrea references the book It’s Not About the Food
  • How negative self-talk gets in the way of setting goals [24:00]

[27:30] Andrea’s Instruction Manual – Part 2!

1. If you had to pick one music album as the soundtrack to your life, what would it be? [28:00]

  • Can’t pick one album but one artist is Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine

 2. What is one personal development myth you want to dispel [28:30]

  • 1) Time Heals All Wounds
  • 2) You can change your life with positive affirmations

3. What is one unusual or surprising gadget you couldn’t live without? [29:20] 

  • Voxer app. Voice messaging app

4. What does a bad day look like to you and what are the steps you take to turn it around ? [30:00]

  • When Andrea has been triggered in her relationship with her husband. To turn it around, she owns it and apologizes.

5. Looking forward, what’s your biggest goal or wildest dream? [33:40]

  • To reach 1-million women through the Your Kickass Life Community

Where to find Andrea

[35:20] Fitness contributor Kathleen Trotter on Rest Days

Kathleen Trotter is author of Finding Your Fit: A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit

In this conversation, Keith and Kathleen discuss:

Closing words

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