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Bigger Than Game of Thrones

Do you watch Game of Thrones?

I’m a huge fan, both of the television show and the book series it was based on. For years, my ringtone has been the Game of Thrones theme song. I’m so excited about seeing how this all turns out –– and whether it will be different when George RR Martin finally gets around to finishing the books.

Last night was the 71st episode of Game of Thrones. And they’re only making two more episodes until that series is done forever.

Meanwhile, this is the 68th episode of the My Instruction Manual podcast and, we have no plans to stop putting out interviews with some of the most inspiring people on the planet.

That’s right you guys. We are soon going to be bigger than Game of Thrones.

I say all this with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. But I am grateful that so many of you tune in episode after episode to listen to this podcast.

In today’s episode, we’re going to hear from two of our regular contributors.

Michelle Jaelin will join us to talk about the nutritional value of eggs, and why scientists keep changing their mind about whether they’re good for us. But first, we hear from Joelle Anderson about how to get kids into mindfulness.

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Episode 68 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

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[3:18] Mindfulness contributor Joelle Anderson on meditation and meditation for kids

Joelle Anderson is a therapist specializing in mindfulness meditation and creator and host of the Kernel of Wisdom YouTube channel.

In this conversation, Keith and Joelle discuss:

  • Teaching kids about mindfulness as soon as they’re old enough to start recognizing their emotions
  • The four-seven-eight relaxation breath
  • Why little kids are more naturally mindful
  • Joelle mentions resources available at
  • Where to find Joelle

[10:30] Nutrition contributor Michelle Jaelin on whether eggs are good for us or bad for us

Michelle Jaelin is both a trained artist and a Registered Dietitian who is known as The NutritionArtist. She appears regularly as in newspapers, magazines and on television as an expert in healthy eating.

In this conversation, Keith and Michelle discuss:

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