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8 Life-Changing Lessons

We all want to live better lives. In this special episode, host Keith McArthur brings back 8 of his favorite guests to ask them to share the most important life lesson they’ve ever learned. We’ll hear from Melissa Monte, Michael Levitt, Lara Casanova, Amy E. Smith, Jeff Grace, Karen Mangia, Preethaji and Larry Bilotta.

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Episode 86 Show Notes

[00:00] Welcome and Intro

[1:45] Karen Mangia Don’t Postpone Joy

Karen Mangia is author of Success With Less: Releasing Obligations and Discovering Joy. She calls herself a recovering overachiever. Karen first appeared in Episode 75: Achieve More by Doing Less.

[4:10] Jeff Grace: Hard Work + Self-Delusion = Success

Jeff is a Hollywood actor, director, and writer. He’s also the creator and host of the Self-Obsessed podcast. He first appeared in Episode 72: When Self Help Becomes a Cult. He interviewed me on Episode 85: New Year’s Resolutions. 

[8:20] Melissa Monte: Love Yourself Right

Melissa is host of the excellent Mind Love podcast. She also appeared in Episode 66: Escape Your Life’s Prisions.

[12:30] Amy E. Smith: Stand in Your Own Shoes

Amy is a coach, writer, and speaker and she hosts the Joy Junkie podcast.

Amy’s first appearance on the My Instruction Manual podcast came just a couple of months back in Episode 81: How To Stop Worrying What Other People Think.

[14:50] Preethaji: Nurture Connections with Others

Preetha Krishna — better known as Peethaji — is an Indian spiritual and philosophy teacher. She is co-author of The Four Sacred Secrets. She first appeared in Episode 77: Getting Out of Stress and Into a Beautiful State.

 [16:36] Michael Levitt: Take Care of Yourself First

Michael is author of 369 Days: How to Survive a Year of Worst Case Scenarios and he hosts the Breakfast Leadership podcast. Michael first appeared in Episode 67: Becoming a Winner by Losing Everything.

[17:54] Lara Casanova: Follow Your Heart’s Footprints

Lara is author of Grief, Grace and Gratitude. She first appeared in Episode 69: The Art of Grief.

[21:10] Larry Bilotta: Until We’re Truly Hurt, We’re Not Ready to Learn

Larry Bilotta is a relationship expert who first appeared on Episode 78: How To Save Your Marriage.

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