On April 11, 2017 I got a second chance at life when my little sister donated one of her kidneys to me.

It was a life-changing gift so I decided to change my life.

Now I’m learning everything I can about how to be human and sharing what I learn with whoever wants to join me on this amazing journey.

My first self-improvement book — 18 Steps to Own Your Life — was released in March of 2018. Get it here on Amazon.

I’m blogging and podcasting and writing books about how to:

  • Be happier and healthier
  • Have amazing relationships
  • Achieve our biggest goals and wildest dreams

Other stuff about me:

  • I’m a writer who has worked in journalism, public relations, social media and publishing.
  • I live in Toronto with my wife Laura, my sons Connor and Bryson, and our goldendoodle puppy Quincy.
  • I like baseball, running, music, reading, writing and learning.
  • I have written / edited several books. I’ve started working on a series of books related to the themes of this blog and podcast.
  • My podcast launched a few months ago and I’m super-excited about it. Check out the preview episode and then subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Android.

Here’s a pic of me and my sister Stephanie a few days after she donated a kidney to me: