About Keith McArthur

Keith McArthur | Resolutions Expert

Keith McArthur | Resolutions Expert

Keith McArthur got a second chance at life in 2017 when his little sister donated her kidney for transplant. Now, he writes and podcasts about his journey to becoming happier and healthier. Keith is the creator of My Instruction Manual — a website, podcast, and book series providing high-quality, personal-development content.

Previously, Keith has worked as an award-winning journalist, a social media and public relations strategist, and a senior executive at one of Canada’s largest companies. He has written and edited several books, and serves as the president and publisher of FanReads Inc.

His newest self-help book is Winning Resolutions: Achieve Your Biggest Goals and Wildest Dreams Once and For All. Keith’s previous book — 18 Steps to Own Your Life — was a silver medalist in the Non-Fiction-Motivational category of the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Awards.

Keith lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Laura; sons, Connor and Bryson; and a goldendoodle named Quincy.

Media and Speaking

Keith is a seasoned public speaker who has been interviewed hundreds of times on a variety of topics. As a resolutions expert, he loves to speak about topics related to goals, habits, and willpower. He’s also eager to talk about how to:

  • Be happier and healthier
  • Have amazing relationships
  • Achieve your biggest goals and wildest dreams
  • The second chance at life he received when his little sister donated a kidney
  • His experience as a special needs father to a child with a rare genetic condition and special needs.

A Second Chance at Life

When Keith got a second chance at life, he resolved not to let it go to waste. This picture of Keith and his sister Stephanie was taken a couple of days after the transplant.

  • Keith can be reached by email at keith (at) myinstructionmanual (dot) com. Find other ways to connect with Keith here.
  • Check out the books Keith has written, edited, and published here.
  • Find the media kit for Winning Resolutions (with images of Keith and the book) here.
  • Check out the My Instruction Manual podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify or Android.