Hey! I remember you...
Podcast Movement in Philly, right?

Podcast Movement was a blast! One of the highlights for me was meeting so many amazing people --- including you!

I'm so happy to gift you a free audio version of my book 18 Steps to Own Your Life. Scroll down for that.

I'm also excited that I got to meet you and the potential that we can work together to help each other achieve our biggest goals and wildest dreams.

Three ways we can work together

  1. Be a guest on the My Instruction Manual podcast. Each week, I welcome a featured guest who will inspire my listeners on their journey to be happier, healthier, have better relationships and achieve their biggest goals and wildest dreams.
  2. Have me as a guest on your podcast. My next book comes out in November. The book is all about resolutions --- a science-based step-by-step approach to make sure readers achieve their most important goals, once and for all. I would love to appear on your podcast towards the end of 2018 or early 2019 to help your listeners with their resolutions. It's the perfect episode for late December. I'm more than happy to share a free copy of the book with you and record the episode well in advance so you have it in the can for the Holidays!
  3. Become an affiliate for my resolutions course. I'm looking for partners to help me sell my resolutions course, which will also be released towards the end of the year. For every course you help me sell, you'll get a significant cut of the revenue.

Have other ideas? I'm always excited to partner with amazing people to help each other grow. Reach out to let me know what you have in mind! I'm keith@myinstructionmanual.com.

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