18 Steps to Own Your Life
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18 Steps | Keith McArthur | My Instruction Manual

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About the Book

Do you need a guidebook for life? Most of us never learned how to live, not really. We struggle with how to be healthy and happy, have better relationships, and achieve our biggest goals and wildest dreams. In 18 Steps to Own Your Life, author Keith McArthur offers tips about how to take control of your life, and kick ass while doing it. Not quite superpowers, these 18 steps are science-based simple powers that will help you be a better human.

18 Steps | Keith McArthur | My Instruction Manual

About the Author

Keith McArthur is an author and “contentrepreneur” who writes and podcasts about how to live better.  Keith hosts the weekly My Instruction Manual podcast, in which he seeks out and interviews the most inspiring people on the planet. In 2017, Keith’s little sister gave him a second chance at life when she donated one of her kidneys.

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Launch Team Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I get the book?

A: Just sign up for the launch team and I’ll send you an email right away with a link to download a PDF copy of the book.

Q: What do I have to do as part of the launch team?

A: All I ask is that you consider posting at least one honest review on Amazon or another website. Closer to launch date, I will send you all the details about how, when and where to leave reviews.

Q: What do you mean by an “honest” review?

A: I hope you like the book! But if you don’t, that’s fine. It’s your review.

Q: How long is this review?

A: The review can be short. Even a couple sentences is okay!

Q: Is the book you’re sending me the same as the one that goes on sale?

A: Mostly, but not quite. What I’m sending you is an uncorrected proof. The book has not gone through it’s final copy edit and it has not yet been properly laid out on the page. In addition, the book that goes on sale on March 6 comes with free download bonuses which aren’t quite ready yet. When the book goes on sale, I will send you a free final version with live links to these bonus freebies.

Q: Is there a catch? Why are you doing this?

A: No catch. Getting honest reviews as soon as a book launches is critical to help a book reach a bigger audience. Giving away free advance copies is a good investment on my part to ensure that the book does well at launch.

18 Steps to Own Your Life | My Instruction Manual

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