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Welcome to My Instruction Manual. It’s an honor to have you here!

My Instruction Manual is a blog, a podcast, an online community and a book series. But most of all, it is a place where, together, we can explore how to be happier and healthier, have amazing relationships and explore our biggest goals and wildest dreams!

If it’s your first time here, here are four steps to help you get the most out of My Instruction Manual.


Keith McArthur Profile

Hi there, I’m Keith! I’m a father, husband, author, and podcaster.

And I’ve been through a lot in the past couple of years.

In early 2017, I was dying. Then I got a second chance at life when my little sister donated a kidney to me. It was a life-changing gift so I decided to change my life. Now I spend my time learning, and teaching, about how to live better.

There’s a longer bio here and you can also learn more about me from my interview on the Pivot podcast.

Here’s a picture of my sister and me from April of 2017, a few days after my kidney transplant.


a) Read the blog

I’ve written dozens of posts here on the My Instruction Manual blog. Here are five of my favorites to get you started.

  1. 18 Life Lessons from 18 18-Year-Olds, in which I explore inspiring wisdom from young people around the world.
  2. Will Eating Oranges Make You Orange?, in which I address the most pervasive myths about nutrition.
  3. Five Ways to Beat Procrastination Today, in which I offer tips to get sh*t done!
  4. Our Promise to Alex, in which I try to find hope and positivity in the tragic death of my 24-year-old cousin.
  5. My Father’s Day Pledge, in which I recount a rough night out with my special needs son Bryson.

b) Read the books

I’ve wrote two personal development books.

Winning Resolutions (2018) prescribes a recipe to transform your life and achieve any goal by mastering habits, harnessing willpower, and taking charge of your environment. The book includes dozens of science-based hacks gleaned from those who have already achieved their biggest goals and wildest dreams. Order Winning Resolutions on Amazon or click here for a list of other retailers.

18 Steps to Own Your Life (2018) is a blueprint for how to be human. It includes easy, actionable tips on everything from getting a better night’s sleep to connecting instantly with others. Order 18 Steps to Own Your Life on Amazon or click here for a list of other retailers.


The My Instruction Manual podcast debuted in October. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Here are links to some of the most popular places to find podcasts:

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Android

There’s a new episode each Monday so make sure you subscribe. But here are five of my favorite episodes to get you started:

  1. How to Be Resilient with Rick Hanson
  2. How Women Rise with Sally Helgesen
  3. A Kidney Transplant Story with Stephanie McArthur
  4. Pivot Your Life and Career with Jenny Blake
  5. Life Lessons from 10 of the most Inspiring People on the Planet


I want you to be part of the My Instruction Manual Community.

Here are four ways we can keep in touch:

a) Join the self-help book club

Each month we explore a different book in the self-help / personal development / wellness space. It all takes place through Facebook. Click here to join.

b) Connect in social

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c) Email me

You can reach me at keith (at) myinstructionmanual (dot) com

d) Join the newsletter

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